Get to know me

Photography is a way to relive moments you wish you could hold onto forever.

My name is Mariah Rock, and I'm currently nestled in the gorgeous East Tennessee region. I picked up photography when I was a freshman in college and had no idea how obsessed with it I would become. Since I was getting a degree in something I figured I should use it, and so I became a local tv news reporter. Taking pictures on the side, I enjoy it more than words can describe.

Each day that goes by there's not a time where I'm not thinking about the different things that I could do to better myself as a photographer. The goal is to have a full-time photography business traveling the world sharing precious moments of different events, announcements, occasions, and celebrations. Let me tell your stories, with still images that can represent a thousand different words lasting a lifetime.

If you want someone who truly cares about you and making sure you're comfortable, then I'm your gal.



p.s. For those that love dogs, this is my dog/child, Frank. :)